First abbot of Pomorie’s monastery is Selim Bey.

After the reconstruction of the destroyed temple in 1856, the first Abbot for 19th century becomes:

Monk Stephan, an abbot of the monastery for the period (1933 – 1949)

In the years (1949 – 1971) – Abbot of the monastery is Archimandrite Doroteus.

Under his governance the monastery life is growing and the monastery starts farm activities for self-support. 45 decars of grape yards are planted.

In the period (1971 – 2005 г.) – Abbot of the monastery is the elder Pachomii Vasilev, thanks to his great efforts the monastery’s garden becomes “heavenly” beautiful.

Currently Abbot of the Monastery is His Emminence Bishop Yerotey
Archimandrite Yerotey is well known for his hospitality. He is a publisher of the monsatic spiritual pamphlet “Monastic Paper” as well as an initiator of the building of the Official Internet page of “Pomorie Monastery” st. Great Martyr George.

In the monastery living wings presently are held a building restoration works thanks to father Yerotey.